About Kay

People always ask, so here it is: I was born in Germany, my father was German, and my mother Hungarian. After spending my childhood near Frankfurt, Germany, I studied in Münster, Germany, and Reading, Great Britain, where I also lived for over 10 years. I moved to NE Indiana in the fall of 2001.

Kay in September 2005 during a presentation on CW Era Clothing

Historical clothing has been a source of fascination from early childhood. Growing up in a household full of books on art history, I was more interested in the people and the clothes they wore in those paintings than the great master’s brush strokes!

I received my first book on history of clothing when I was 10 - James Laver’s Fashion, it was quickly followed by Max von Boehn’s History of Manners and Modes and many others. My Barbies had Elizabethan ruffles and hoop skirts, my school notes were dotted with doodles of fancy period clothing.

This interest brought me first to the theater and I was wardrobe mistress for an award winning production of “My Fair Lady” by the Munster Garrison Players, Germany.

However, my parents insisted that I study something “proper”, so now I have a MA in Education with major in Math, and a MS in Math from Purdue. Perhaps this means that I do bring at once an artistic and an analytic mind to this endeavor (at least it probably helps with pattern drafting!). I have always enjoyed sewing, and as my children are now finally old enough to drive themselves, I felt it was time to finally follow my dream and make a lifelong interest my business. So here I am - at your service.

While we currently specialize in mid 19th century clothing reproductions, we also like to explore other periods. Please inquire about corsetry for all periods of the 19th century or Victorian era, as well as all underclothing and the dresses and accessories to go with those periods.

If you have any questions please contact us!